It is better to remember simplified pictures than to forget accurate figures.

Otto Neurath


We support brands and institutions in creating impact with individually handcrafted works in urban spaces.

How do you attract attention in a world that is constantly distracted? The answer is simple: Let’s be the distraction. Urban interventions are not only a powerful tool when it comes to raising attention and causing impact. They are also part of this important little thing called: fun to look at – and not feeling like advertisement at all.

And this makes our urban interventions the perfect starting point for big campaigns, for viral messages and fast spreading content. Our everyday life is already everyday-ish enough. Let’s create something out of the ordinary. To raise attention and brighten up people's lives at the same time. Urban campaigns are a good intro for brands and institutions. 

Daily-News-Folded-Mockup_G7_2 Kopie.png

“Information is a difference that makes a difference.”

- Gregory Bateson's


There is only one thing that is even more effective than urban communication: combining it with a cross channel planning of a whole campaign. Your communication strategy gets the boost it needs - and your brand the creative reputation it wants.

Sounds like a good starting point to remain different.